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Wednesday , February 20 , 2002



            Monday 14/01/2002

Update 2002.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
today is a hot day in my area.
well not as much hot as it is muggy and sticky
I hate summer in Australia.
Usually this time of the year its all 
Sun and beaches, but this year its
wet, humid, sticky and just plain shitty.

Because of my "busy" work schedule I am going
to have to make this a once a week comic
updating every Wednesday, and yes I 
PROMISE to update on the Wednesday.

GTA 3 has been banned in Australia. 
and in speaking with a supplier I have 
been informed that they have no intention of 
re-releasing it so anyone in Australia wanting GTA3
better start looking for somewhere to import it 
from. Best to try somewhere in Europe because
Oz PS2's are PAL not NTSC.

I've got a new character coming soon 
I had planned to drop the character into 
the story earlier when Droglo The Short was
zapped but instead I decided that Dorad was
a better idea. so look forward to that.

I went and saw both The One
Ocean's Eleven both were good movies
but I found ocean's eleven to be more 
entertaining. It kept you thinking 
all the way through the movie you're wondering
what the hell is going on. they drop small hints
but never give you enough information to 
work out whats happening, and just when you 
thing you've worked everything out and
you think to yourself "god damn it I'm smart" they 
take take what you thought wipe they're asses with 
it, then flush it down the toilet (metaphorically speaking)
definitely a movie worth seeing.

The One on the other hand was still a great movie
but it's 
A: Been done before
2: A rip off of a whole mess of other movies
III: Too much like the matrix.

On the brighter side the story was a very good 
one (even if it has been done before)
, and the fight scenes were incredible.
the special effects in these types of movies are
getting better and better, and Jet Li did a great
job playing 2 people.

Anyway I'm off to scrape noodles from
the ceiling, have a great day

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